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    Souvenirs and Gifts - Matryoshka

    Hand-crafted in the best Slavic traditions, most famous Russian and Ukrainian souvenir - Russian Matryoshka (nesting dolls). They come in sets, each doll opening up and containing a smaller one inside. They are traditionally made in a wide variety – from simple ones in small sets of three – to perfectly crafted, huge sets hand-painted with astonishing precision and style.

    Souvenirs made by the best Ukrainian craftsmen. There are wonderful gifts for any occasion: matryoshka dolls, Easter eggs, decorated bottles, kumanets (flagons), decorative wall plates, wooden tableware, wooden kitchenware, wooden pots, wooden kegs, wooden bowl, salt shakers, wooden cutting boards, painted wooden spoons and much more souvenirs from natural wood.

    All products are available for immediate dispatch. We send parcels via registered air mail, please allow 7-14 days for shipping.

    Our slavic gifts and souvenirs – are true works of art, which are designed to make people happy!