Slavic Souvenirs Handmade Slavic Souvenirs from Ukraine
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    Slavic Souvenirs offers range of different types of wooden products for everyday use in the home. There is a kitchenware like cutting boards, sieves, racks for paper towels. Also there are household items – mirrors, candlesticks, stools, boxes, bells, horseshoe housekeeper and wall clocks. Wooden products are painted bright floral (flower) patterns in national Slavic style. All wood products are high quality, made from environmentally friendly materials using safe paints. Each wooden item is exclusive and hand-painted by Ukrainian artists.
    Our wooden products are durable, easy to use. They will help to create a warm, inviting atmosphere and perfectly decorate interior of your home.

    Wooden Bowl, Wooden Tray, Wooden Plates, Wooden Spoons, Wooden Cutting Board, Wooden Keg, Wooden Pot, Wooden Salt Shaker, Wooden Saltwort, Wooden Rack For Paper, Wooden Spoons, Napkin Holder, Wooden Shoulder Blade