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  • Russian Matryoshka - Azure Flowers (69-01)

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    Souvenir matryoshka has large blue and violet flowers on dark background. Slavic girl with blonde hair is depicted on the nesting doll.

    Set of dolls consists five figurines nested one inside the other, painted in the same floral style. Our nesting dolls are made by experienced craftsmen of high quality treated wood and painted by well-known artists. All of them are author's work.

    Matryoshka doll can be a wonderful gift for your loved ones. Long time will keep the memory of person who is made a gift. It will help to create a warm and cozy atmosphere in the house and perfectly decorate the interior.

    Height 15 cm, 5 pieces.

    Linden wood, water-based stain, watercolor, colorless varnish, colored foil.

    Manufacturing process:
    Blanks dolls are made of linden. Linden wood is widely used in decorative carving, as it is easy to cut and has a clean white wood. Wood for dolls is dried naturally. At first, the details are covered with several layers of protective varnish colorless. After that, artists paint patterns on the dolls. We use only non-toxic environmentally friendly paints for applying the pictures. Some elements of picture are knurled with colored foil to make the brightness and brilliance.

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    I ordered dolls online here at Slavic Souvenirs website. Thanks for excellent quality of products. Nested dolls are covered with special shiny foil which gives special charm :) Would definitely purchase your gifts in future and recommend to friends.