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    A matryoshka doll is a Slavic (Russian / Ukrainian) nesting doll made from wood. Matryoshka is set of dolls of decreasing size placed one inside the other. Usually there are five nested dolls in this set. They dressed in a traditional Slavic sarafan and apron, with a neckerchief on the head. They colorfully present traditional Slavic traditions and way of life - full of joy, love and happiness.
    The matryoshkas are the most popular Slavic national souvenir and gift from Russia or Ukraine.
    Traditionally the outer layer is painted by woman painter. The figures of dolls may be of either gender - the smallest doll is typically a baby.
    Miniatures on the nesting dolls follow a particular theme: from the traditional Slavic girls, fairy tale characters to presidents of countries of the former Soviet Union, USA and Europe.

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