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    The Russian Nested Dolls

    The Russian Nested Dolls - a trendy souvenir. But it is also a toy. Nesting Dolls worldwide as a symbol of Russia. Did you know that a doll dolls Japanese roots? Russified it not so long ago - in 1890. But let's start from the beginning.

    Far from Moscow (70 km) is the town of Sergiev Posad. It is a city of artists and ... toys. Many of the great writers and artists came here for inspiration: Vasnetsov, Serov, Vrubel, Roerich, Agnia Barto and Aksakov, etc.

    Sergiev Posad lived under as a great patron of the arts Savva Mamontov in his estate Abramtsevo. He actively supported the creative people. His estate was an art workshop, etc. His brother Anatoly Mamontov was in Moscow shop "Infant Education." In this store toys were taken very seriously. Great attention was paid to the peasant toy.

    The Russian Nested Dolls

    Anatoly Ivanovich once brought a doll from Japan, with Fr. Honshu. It was a figure Fukuruma - Buddhist sage. This Nesting Dolls was not easy - it hid the other Nesting Dolls, smaller. Anatoly Mamontov Savva brother brought a figure, which, as always, there were many guests, including artists. Toy seemed interesting artist Sergei Malyutin. He made a sketch of the first Russian nesting dolls.

    It was a round-faced peasant girl in Russian sarafan, a beautiful scarf and with a cock in his hand. The next girl, a little less, was a basket, and the other, for it was holding a sickle, one more - a loaf of bread, then went to my friend in the traditional Russian shirt with a stick in his hand, followed by a naughty little girl nurse, followed by two more baby, and one of them in diapers. Sergei Malyutin with turner Zvezdochkin Basil also slightly changed the figure toys - have added to her sloping shoulders.

    When Nesting Dolls vytochili and painted, very quickly found her name - Marya - Russian peasant women. The house Mammoth farmer Matrona serve tea, and the name came very nesting dolls.

    In 1900, Elizabeth G., wife of Savva Mamontov, Nesting Dolls brought to the Paris exhibition. After that Anatoly Mamontov was commissioned to this nesting dolls. All artisans Posada got modeled toys and started its production.

    The Russian Nested Dolls

    Nesting Dolls is the first textbook for peasant children, not just a toy. For this doll produced desyatimestnyh, seven-and Five. Fives - by the number of fingers on the hand, seven-seater - seven days a week, or a family desyatimestnye - by the number of fingers on two hands, ten.

    With nesting dolls children master account and other quantities studied compare objects by color, volume, width and height. And in Russia Nesting Dolls became a symbol of motherhood and the Russian family. She passed on to future offspring of Russian costume traditions and customs.

    Today, the nesting dolls still produce in Sergiev Posad and not only there. Technology has remained virtually unchanged.

    And the very first Nesting Dolls is still kept in Sergiev Posad in the Toy Museum. It was painted in gouache, so now it will not look presentable.

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