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  • Matryoshka as a symbol of the energy structure of the world and man

    The authors say that it is a special form of dolls and the device seemed to symbolize man and a projection of the world in the depths of personality. This seemingly common form predisposes to such subjects as motherhood, love, or the fabulous history of the continuation.

    Our doll is known all over the world. Many people admire this toy and the world matryoshka with a bear has become a symbol of a mysterious and incomprehensible Russia. We matryoshka - is something of childhood memories: disassembled, assembled and forgotten. In the same way as our ancestors once forgot the essence of this magical toy.

    Ironically we realize it, but the inner meaning of our children's fun re-opened for the first time in Japan. Appearing there, our nesting dolls are not only caused a storm of excitement and interest in himself as a subject of folk art, but also attracted the attention of those whose knowledge distributed in intangible. Japanese are the world's first hypothesis was that this wonderful figure is not just a toy but a cult object, whose original purpose was forgotten masters, over many generations to keep intact the secrets of its production and forms.

    But our subconscious mind with you that holds the answers to all the mysteries of our world, and knowing this hidden meaning, to make this a low-brow fun attractive and incorruptible, like the hidden information in the form of printed and proportions of the pyramids. And if, on the assumptions of the pyramid are keeping the secret "space - time," the secrets of time management and movement in space, our wonderful matryoshka stores information about the energy structure of the device and of ourselves and our world. The world in which we live - the multi-dimensional. Any physical body radiated an aura surrounds them energy, called an aura. And that's not all. If we consider the structure of the energy of any object, it is easy to see that it, like the human body, is composed of several layers of a qualitatively different energy.

    From the earliest times it is believed that these various auras of our body that is able to sense and understand the people - seven. Originally a classical Russian nesting dolls always housed seven figures, symbolizing the seven human bodies belong to us to merge our energy with the power of Infinity. And, according to tradition, a handkerchief, and each doll clothes were painted in one of the colors of the rainbow, starting with red and ending with purple. As a result, the smallest matryoshka was always red, and the largest - violet. Similarly, the distribution of these colors in space, and, ideally, in our subtle body. The red color is a powerful force, but its vibrations are not very high and not allow it to go up into the vastness of the sky. Red color attracts the body to Mother Earth and allow enough gain its life-giving force. Low power of this kind of a person - little strength and vitality. The orange color is around the power of fertility. Yellow - gives health and stability. Green - supports our mental strength and our intuition. Blue - sociable with other people, fueling our nerve and mental strength. Blue - gives us knowledge of the laws of the universe and of the gift of foresight. Purple - controls the harmony of the energy distribution of all types in the body. Remember the rainbow: its color is always in a specific order - "Every hunter wants to know where sits the pheasant." Similarly, were originally painted with our dolls. Accident? Why, then, this style masters passed on from generation to generation, as well as the proportion of toys, while remaining unchanged for centuries?

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