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  • Manufacturing technology nesting dolls - thread

    Make dolls of larch, linden, aspen, felled necessarily early spring. The wood is aged two - three years, then stitch on the machine, carefully handled. Master meticulously chooses the material for the doll, looking for such that there was not a bitch, no cracks, and just making sure as a template, is starting to work. First sharpens the smallest matreshechku, sometimes it is very tiny, smaller nail, then more, and more ...

    Manufacturing technology Semyonovsky doll is the same as that of its ancestors: it is made of the same material - linden, birch and aspen. But everyone knows the master secret of the tree and prepare it for processing. For a long time he chooses a level, gnarled trees are cut down to the early spring. Peeling the bark of a tree, the master always leaves it in a few places untouched. This is to ensure that, when dried wood is not cracked. The prepared logs stacked so that between them freely around the air. For several years, weathered trunks, dried in the open air to the desired moisture content. It is very important to help retain moisture and dosushit log - this secret known folk artists. Necessary as they say, is that the wood ringing, singing. Dried logs cut to lumps and bars. Up to 15 operations is lime pig, before becoming a beautiful, well-dressed doll. With great skill, inherent sculptors, turners grinds the head and torso doll inside and out, using uncomplicated tools - a knife and chisel, first machined smallest matryoshka Birch - Do not open the figurine. Then - the lower part of the next - the bottom. Bottoms for dolls, weavers once in a thousand pieces. This is done so that the lower part could dry up. When Turner finishes tenth hundred first hundred have already dried up and it is possible to prepare the top of the toy. Dry the top of the doll is not necessary, it is put on the Donets, where it dries and tightly wraps spike so tightly held. Semenov turners have created the doll form - it is more slender, relatively thin top of it abruptly into a reinforced bottom. Figures carefully proshkurivayut, ground potato flour paste and dried. Now she is ready for painting.

    Originality and charm Semenov dolls is that many-dolls are 10, 18, 40 and 50 dolls, inserted one into the other. To make such a doll, you must possess a special skill and experience. Multiple dolls are very thin, the walls no thicker eggshells. By the way, with the richest Matryoshka "offspring" consists of 72 dolls. There are even "singing" dolls, with their built-in musical mechanism. Matryoshka "Russian fellow" and "Russian Beauty" with the crew of the spaceship "Salyut-7" had been in space. In the factory, under constant creative work to create new types of toys, gifts: based on Russian folk tales and legends, scenes from the life of the old Nizhny Novgorod.

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