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  • Manufacturing technology nesting dolls - painting

    After processing matryoshka falls to the artist who puts her in a bright dress, wears a head scarf, decorated with flowers. His expression of each doll of his own - a doll sad, thoughtful, rigorous, serious, and there are funny, smiling. The work of the artist's painstaking and delicate. But the most attractive thing in a wooden doll, doll - its vivid imagery. Every artist paints Matryoshka differently. It gives great joy to all. Look at them, admire a good sense of color and high ornamental art masters and imbued a sense of pride in his talent and genius. Work Lyudmila Petrovna Chibisova astonishingly petite elegance, finesse unmatched realism and stunning smear pattern. Matryoshka "The Wedding" - a wonderful piece of skill miniature artist. True to his style of work Lyudmila Petrovna even on the toy to depict one of the traditions of our people. In a highly artistic manner Chibisova portrayed Russian wedding with all the details of this joyous holiday. Here the mother, bless young icon, and the father with the bride's dowry chests, and happy young couple with candles and wedding rings, and guests with gifts, and happy children and kitten toys and mandatory as proof of the author's handwriting.

    "Zagorski style" - emphasized the picturesque, with lots of small details painted carefully and gold - was replaced in 1930 by a more economical and closer to the original idea of ​​SV Malyutina (artist who created his famous "Berendeyevskoye" style arts and crafts, such as "bull in Kamergersky suit"). At the mention of "Zagorje" doll stands before my eyes the image chubby Russian girl in a scarf and cover apron sundress, painted uncomplicated juicy and bright flowers, leaves and dots. In the painting are usually used 3.4 color - red or orange, yellow, green and blue - with the addition of black to trace the fine lines and contours of the face of clothing.

    After the Revolution manufacturing dolls become widespread. Opened a factory. In the form of paintings and toys to the end of 1980 felt the simplicity of the necessity of further replication. Besides "Zagorje" dolls abroad enjoyed fame "Semenov" and "merinovskie" dolls (Merinova village near the city of Semenov in the Nizhny Novgorod region was famous for its turnery). In 1922, the master AF merinovsky Majors bought "Sergius" toy. Arsentiy F. machined very similar shape and together with her daughters painted it differently. Since then, the craft and to this day remains a staple for merinovskih masters.

    The distinctive features of "Semenovskaya" style - unpretentious decision image, but more vivid and peculiar to painting, like a lush bouquet. Today master Semyonovsky toys in his new work not only continues the tradition of the old masters, but also to develop new bright images. In the museum you can see several options for dolls. This - "Russian Beauty" and "Russian fellow", "gentleman and lady," souvenir "Family" in the Guinness Book of Records can be entered the world's largest nesting doll, made at an art factory "Semenovskaya painting." This 72-seat Russian beauty reaches a height of 1.5 m, and its volume - 75 cm Matryoshka was donated to the Japanese government, and is now in Germany. This was reported by the heads of the factory at a press conference on the joint project with transnational pharmaceutical corporation ICN Pharmaceutical. This corporation has chosen as a business character of its new drug 18 local Semenovskaya doll. Art Factory Semenovskaya painting - one of the few companies in folk art, which is comfortable in market conditions. Among the customers for the creation of Nizhny Novgorod masters - the stars of the famous Washington Opera Placido Domingo and Mirella Freni.

    Semenov - the largest historic center of artistic wood. In the IX century Semenov called "lozhkarnoy capital" of Russia, the original manufacturer of toys was a side trade for Semenov craftsmen. Masters used for toys wastes from spoons, Semenov craftsmen borrowed experience in manufacturing wooden toys popular in the 20's of the XX century in suburban masters. But made to her character Zavolzhsky color, giving it its shape, its originally painted. The first nested doll gang was created in Semenov in 1929. Artel united master of Toy Semenov and nearby villages. Artisans did here clumsy toy dolls sharpened. Artel initially united not more than 2 dozen people, mostly home-based workers. Then, on the basis of cooperatives are public workshops. Fiction Factory "Semenovskaya painting" was founded in 1932. The main products of the factory are by far the world-famous doll matryoshka. Protecting and developing the local traditions, Semenov masters have made great strides in making art products. Based on the new dolls were developed souvenirs, painting is improving. Began to write without the circuit, and a brush, without patterning. Paintings from this became brighter, ornament enriched, new elements of flowers, and she painted called "Semyonov." Works of the best artists have become regular participants of exhibitions and fairs. Factory products are completely environmentally friendly, as evidenced by a certificate of conformity issued by the Russian State Standard. This factory is one of the few in Russia and around the world, produces a patented "Semenovskaya doll." In Semenov dolls made in accordance with local traditions - leave no longer shaded wood, painted with aniline dyes, and then varnished. Initially, a thin stroke of the artists scheduled to face outline - make the eyes, lips, blush suggest. Then they "dressed" in a cloth doll, skirt, apron, pririsovyvayut her hands. The most important thing - painting apron. It is for a large color painting apron Semenovskaya matryoshka easily recognizable. Bouquet of beautiful flowers takes precedence over everything - he would face, he nearly growth toys. Painting apron original, unexpected colors. In nature, there are none - it is always the fruit of imagination of artists, mostly artists use three colors - red, blue and yellow, varying combinations of colors in the painting of her shawl, a sundress and apron. Found attached to the color scheme, the largest flower apron. Him on a long tradition of writing a little to the right. Each matryoshka has its own character and outfit their imaginative solution. Semenovskaya matryoshka long been a national souvenir. Since 1932 Semenovtsi delight adults and children around the world, creating new models of this amazing, unique toys - a souvenir.

    Almost simultaneously with the "merinovskimi" toys in the Volga region appeared Yeshe one matryoshka - in the village Polkhovsky Square or Maidan in Polkhov prostonarechii. Features "Polkhovsky" dolls: stressed elongated shape (column), with hard-cut head. "Flowers with connector" - a list of pre-inking circuit - a typical painting in Polkhovsky Maidan.

    Perhaps the most sophisticated manufacturing technology is different type of dolls - comes from Vyatka. In Vyatka painting used inlay strips.

    So, in true folk crafts are several main styles of painting and making dolls:

    1. Zagorski
    2. Semenov
    3. Merinovsky
    4. Polkhovsky
    5. Vyatka

    With all the abundance of subjects and methods of design dolls currently popular "Sergius" style: required shawl, apron and dress, with a bold color combination and Russian traditions. Equally popular "peasant" and "knights" styles.

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